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Oneill Stoneware, Cremation Urns, funeral, remains, Frederick MD

Our Creative Staff

Kendi O'Neill, O'Neill Stoneware Design, Frederick MD

Kendi O'Neill

Kendi and I have been together for more than 22 years and we have been married for 17 years. Her support enabled me to make the change from a career in finance to becoming a full time potter. While generally not involved in pottery production, she is an invaluable part of our team. Kendi serves as vice president, taking care of the company's books and making sure the office runs smoothly.

Kendi is a trained chef. She helps me test the functional elements of my cookware, dishware, and barware. In addition, she helps by providing recipes and cooking videos for the website.


Brantley Burns, O'Neill Stoneware Design, Frederick MD

Brantley Burns

Brantley has worked for me for since 2008. He works in all aspects of production -- throwing, glazing and firing kilns. He has been especially helpful assisting me in the design of some of the studio- unique production tools such as custom clay cutters, measuring and alignment tools for our Memory Stones, and efficient drying and storage racks.

Brantley's own work has a beautiful, strong and raw quality. Many of his pieces focus on fossils and what lies beneath the surface.

“Three dimensional reconstructions of fish fossils, and fossils carved and modeled, communicate the need for patience to peer below the surface to find the challenges, lessons learned and the strength of character of each unique individual,” according to Brantley.  You can see Brantley's love of fly fishing and the tranquility, yet complexity, of nature that fosters reflections on life itself in his work

Brantley earned a BFA in Studio Art with a focus in Ceramics at Reinhardt College in 2003. He currently lives in Frederick, Maryland, managing his business, Crest of the Potter.  Brantley has recently completed his Graduate Certificate Degree in Ceramic Arts, while he continues to pursue an MFA in Ceramic Arts from Hood College.

Nia Rementalas, O'Neill Stoneware Design, Frederick MD

Evgenia-Vallentina D. Rementelas "Nia"

Nia has worked for me since 2008. She works in all aspects of production -- throwing, glazing and firing kilns. Nia excels in throwing my small pieces that require a precise touch and attention to detail. Her attention to detail carries over to the rest of the studio where she ensures we have a well organized work space, and insuring accuracy in mixing glazes or working with inventory calculations.

Nia’s own work is inspired by the natural beauty of her Greek homeland, the striking beaches and the vast aquatic life and creatures such as corals that exist within the seas. Working primarily in porcelain, her pieces are delicate and refined.

Nia lived in Varda, Greece until the age of 17 when she came to the Unites States of America to continue her education and pursue her passion for art.  She received her BFA in Ceramics from James Madison University in 2006 and is now attending Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.  Nia completed her Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Arts in 2009 and is continuing work and research in the ceramic arts for her Masters of Fine Arts degree.

Kevin Kwiatkowski

Kevin has worked for me since September of 2009. He is the newest member of our team. He has been keeping our Memory Stone production rolling as well as helping me throw.

Kevin's own work has a wonderful earthy quality. Many of his pieces are fired in soda kiln giving them the perfect complement to his raw designs.

Kevin’s ceramic career began when he attended Adrian College. As a student he fired the electric, wood, salt, and gas reduction kilns for the college for two years. Interning for Ann Tubbs one year and for Pewabic pottery the next, he has experience in both the teaching atmosphere but also the in professional studio atmospheres. Continuing his education, Kevin is at student at Hood college working towards his  masters degree in ceramics. Eventually his goal is to become a teacher as well as a studio artist. 

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